Our Vision.

We believe that companies and organisations have a responsibility to be more sustainable. And that pre-owned IT devices can have a simple but effective contribution to this. Based on these ideas, we have developed circulee - because every used device saves valuable resources. Just one circulee laptop produces around 400 kg less CO₂ than a new one. And it also reduces costs. Green IT has never been easier.

Our Promise.

At circulee, you get the best pre-owned devices at a fair price: in top condition and fully efficient - from the very first second. With a warranty that covers all “ifs” and “buts”, and a customer service that knows the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. Super reliable, super convenient, super fast delivery. Super, isn't it?

Everything that counts.

We want our customers to be able to trust us when it comes to service, reliability and quality. With every order, every call, every question. In short: we want to be the best partner for companies that want to work more sustainably.

Honesty & Transparency.

We believe in full transparency. Everything you need to know about our equipment and our service, we tell you. We guarantee that our products come exclusively from professional sources and have been thoroughly tested by our experts. All devices are Grade A, which means: they are like new.

Sustainability & Green IT.

Our foundation is the circular economy. This means that we give high-quality hardware a second life instead of scrapping it unnecessarily. Our Full Circle Service also means that we take back and recycle equipment when you no longer need it. Because as part of a digital world, doing the right thing has never been more important.

Convenient & Simple.

Buying sustainable pre-owned hardware stress-free? It's easy and convenient with circulee. With us, you get only the best devices with just a few clicks. And with a customer service worthy of the name. After all, who wants to think about hardware when you can get started right away?

Quality & Security.

We offer the highest quality pre-owned equipment on the market - we say that with confidence. Because our hardware comes from the professional environment and was already treated with care in its first life. Accordingly, the devices are top equipped (and of course we only use original parts). Our partners take care of both thorough cleaning and TÜV-certified data erasure. So you are on the safe side in every respect.

How does Full Circle Service work?.

Full Circle Service means: We offer you the best price-performance ratio, a comprehensive guarantee and excellent customer service - right from the start. You don't need to think about sustainable hardware, because we do that for you. Our carefully selected equipment meets the highest standards for pre-owned IT. And when you no longer need them, we recycle them. That's Full Circle.

At circulee there are only Grade A devices with one year warranty
Each product is professionally cleaned, tested and undergoes a complete data erasure.
We are constantly optimising our processes to make them even greener. From the order to the delivery.
With our buy-back option, you close the loop without any additional effort.

Who we are.

  • Thomas Gros

    Thomas Gros.


    Thomas is a team builder and entrepreneur - in the best sense and with all his heart. He has lived in Africa, Europe and the USA and sees himself as a true citizen of the world. This is one of the reasons why he is convinced that the most important task of our generation is to build a functioning circular economy. For all generations that will come after us.
  • David Block

    David Block.


    David has start-up in his DNA, or at least that's what you think when you talk to him. For him, sustainability is not a contradiction to efficiency. You can see that in his teamwork, but also in his passion for changing the business world.
  • Fozy Khoury

    Fozy Khoury.


    Fozy is a tech and product geek with a hands-on mentality who loves working with start-ups and talented people. After stations in Israel, North and South America and Europe, we were able to win him over. He believes in the relevance of sustainable action and the power of autonomous teams driven by a shared vision of the Circular Economy.

What do you want to know?.

Do you have any questions? Or do you need advice? Or do you simply want to know more about circulee? Our customer service team is looking forward to hearing from you.
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