Why Green IT?.

The goal of an IT sustainability strategy is to measurably reduce CO₂ emissions, resource consumption and e-waste along the entire hardware life cycle, from production to recycling and disposal.

The longer a monitor, laptop or smartphone is used, the better its eco-balance at the end of its useful life. The "CO₂ costs" incurred during production "amortise" the longer the hardware is used and can ideally be almost completely paid off. The same applies to recycling, which is delayed by the longest possible use.

Circular value creation: the key to greater sustainability.

The use of used IT devices follows the principle of circular value creation. Here, unlike linear value creation through new equipment, the resources used in production are preserved for as long as possible and without loss in the life cycle of the hardware.

Laptop Emission in CO₂


356 kg CO2


712 kg CO2

Buying a pre-owned laptops allows you to lighten the CO₂ balance by about 350 Kg CO₂. Which corresponds to the emissions of an international flight from New York to London

circulee devices.

All equipment is fully equipped, comes from the industry and has been unloaded, cleaned and tested in a certified process.

  • All functions, such as RAM, hard disk, battery or CPU go through a certified examination by our partner
  • Our devices have no (or almost no) external signs of use
  • Only original parts are installed in the devices

The advantages of Green IT.

Sustainability can determine whether a company is listed as a supplier to a major automaker. Or whether it attracts young, environmentally aware recruits. And then sustainability is more than "nice to have" - it is essential for business success. Green IT can play an important role here, because used hardware significantly reduces the carbon footprint and can be easily integrated into processes with circulee.

We support companies in meeting their requirements for sustainability, quality and cost savings - as simply and conveniently as possible.


Saving of CO₂, E-waste compared to new devices


Certified examination – Grade A

Cost Advantage

Savings compared to new devices

There are many reasons why used IT makes sense right now.


CO₂ emissions, resources and electronic waste are saved


Sustainable management strengthens the company's reputation


Businesses get more quality hardware for their budget


The market for used IT devices is established and has become more professional


More than 30% of IT decision-makers in SMEs already rely on used hardware


Every third employee would like to use used IT hardware

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