Going full circle.

Are you wondering what to do with your devices after you have reached the end of your usage for them? Do you worry about the sensitive data stored on the devices as well as the correct recycling system?

In line with our circular economy approach, we are happy to offer the option that we take care of your old devices, so you don’t have to worry about them. For a small fee, we will not only take care of the handling of your old devices but also make sure all sensitive data on your devices is deleted according to the highest industry standard.   

To cover the cost for third-life processes and data deletion we will charge a fee depending on the type of device.

What’s in it for you?

  • Certified data deletion of your old devices using the market leading solution Blancco
  • Shipping of your devices to our warehouses / recycling partner

  • Professional recycling services in case your devices cannot be used anymore

  • Credit in our shop/cash back if the condition of your device is still good enough to give them a third life!

  • Contribution to a more ecological handling of resources

How it works

  1. You contact us and name the devices that you want to give a third life to. You will need to provide basic device data, e.g., serial number, age, model name, CPU, visual and technical condition - don’t worry, you don’t have to be IT-savvy to answer our questions! Based on that, we will then provide you with an overview of exact cost for our third-life-services. Concerning potential credit that you can receive for you old devices, we will inform you as fast as possible after receiving them.

  2. We take care of the shipment of your devices to our third-life and recycling partner.

  3. The devices are inspected and tested to assess their condition and undergo our certified data deletion process to make sure your sensitive data is protected.

  4. If the condition of your device allows it, we sell your devices to give them a third life. After accounting for our cost, we share the thereby generated profit with you.* Otherwise, we will take care of the recycling of your device in line with the ecological standards for battery devices.

  5. If applicable, you will receive credit for our shop and can go right to our shop to choose new refurbished devices.

*The generated profit will depend on the age, brand, model as well as the overall condition of the devices


Contact us to find out more!