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Use cases for green IT

  • Replacements and swap devices
  • Training, coaching and education
  • Hardware for field service / field force / factory floor
  • Shared equipment and workstations (e.g. meeting rooms)
  • Call/contact centre & customer service
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Sortimo GmbH, a leading manufacturer of in-vehicle equipment, decided in favour of circulee as a supplier of Green IT because we were able to quickly deliver the required equipment in the desired quantities and these could be easily incorporated into the existing leasing contract. This made it very easy to integrate remanufactured IT hardware into the overall hardware mix. Better for the budget and the planet!

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Advantages of IT leasing: efficiency, flexibility and cost savings

They offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternIn today's fast-paced world of information technology, it is essential for companies to keep up to date with the latest technology in order to remain competitive. IT leasing, also known as IT leasing, offers companies a flexible and cost-effective solution to regularly renew and expand their IT infrastructure. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of this IT equipment financing solution and explain how it can help companies achieve their business goals.ative to new devices without compromising on performance and reliability. In this article we explain why used notebooks are a smart choice for companies and how Circulee GmbH can provide support in this area.

Framework condition

Condition 1: Leasing contract

A leasing contract allows companies to rent IT equipment and software for a fixed period of time instead of buying it. This process is also known colloquially as "installment plan". Leasing allows companies to spread their investment in technology over time and protect their liquidity. Leasing also allows them to benefit from the latest technological developments without having to worry about the resale value or disposal of obsolete equipment.

A lease agreement for IT leasing should contain clear and precise information on the terms and conditions of the lease. This includes a detailed description of the leased IT equipment, including model, manufacturer and serial numbers. The contract should specify the lease term, i.e. the period over which the equipment is leased. In addition, the contract should include the monthly or periodic installments and payment terms, including payment periods and methods. Other important aspects of leasing are the maintenance and support provisions, such as what services are included in the lease price and how service requests will be handled. The contract should also include information on insurance requirements, warranties and liability issues to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties. Finally, options for extending, purchasing or returning the equipment at the end of the lease term should also be listed.

Condition 2: Leasing installments

An important aspect of IT leasing is the leasing installments, which are paid monthly or at other fixed intervals. With leasing, these installments generally include not only the costs for using the IT equipment, but also possible additional services such as maintenance and support.

Installments are a central component of an IT leasing contract, as they determine the financial framework of the agreement. These are usually paid monthly or at other regular intervals and cover the cost of using the leased IT equipment during the lease term. The amount is influenced by various factors, including the value of the equipment, the lease term and possible additional services such as maintenance and support. Another advantage of installments is the financial predictability for the company, as the leasing rates remain the same over the entire term of the contract. This allows companies to better calculate their expenditure and ensure an even burden on their budget. Leasing installments also offer tax advantages, as they are often deductible as operating expenses. At the end of the lease term, companies often have the option to purchase the equipment at an agreed price, extend the contract or return the equipment and enter into a new lease agreement.

Overall, IT leasing offers companies a practical and strategic way to keep their IT infrastructure up to date while maintaining financial flexibility. In the following sections, we will take a closer look at the various advantages and possibilities of IT leasing.

Hardware - Technical details you should pay attention to when leasing IT equipment

With IT leasing, companies can rent a wide range of equipment, including notebooks, laptops and other IT hardware. Brands such as Lenovo are popular with businesses as they offer high quality laptops tailored to different use cases.

This equipment can be equipped with the latest technological innovations to meet the demands of modern business environments. For example, companies can rent laptops with Intel Core processors, which are known for their high performance and efficiency. Models are available with 8GB RAM, 16GB RAM or 32GB RAM, depending on your needs, to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Another advantage of IT leasing is the option of leasing notebooks with different storage capacities, such as 512 GB, 1 TB or 1 TB SSD. SSD stands for solid-state drives. These solid-state drives offer fast read and write speeds, which improves the productivity and performance of the devices. Another advantage of IT leasing is the ability to lease notebooks with different storage capacities, such as 512 GB, 1 TB or 1 TB SSD. SSD stands for solid-state drives, a storage technology that offers significantly faster read and write speeds compared to conventional hard disk drives (HDDs).

Solid-state drives work on the basis of flash memory chips that contain no moving parts. As a result, they are less susceptible to mechanical failures and offer faster data transfer. With SSDs, data is read and written almost instantly, which is particularly important for data-intensive tasks or applications that require fast access times. The higher speeds of SSDs lead to improved system performance on a laptop, for example, as programs and files load faster. This can increase productivity by minimizing waiting times and optimizing multitasking. In addition, SSDs are characterized by lower energy consumption and better shock resistance, which makes them an ideal choice for mobile devices such as notebooks.


IT leasing allows companies to use the latest technologies without having to bear high acquisition costs. This keeps the IT infrastructure up to date at all times, which supports the company's competitiveness and efficiency. The flexible leasing models enable companies to regularly update their IT equipment and adapt it to current requirements. This contributes to the optimization of business processes and allows companies to concentrate on their core tasks.

In addition, leasing contracts offer advantageous financial predictability, as the costs are spread evenly over the entire term of the contract. Companies can also benefit from additional services such as maintenance and support, which are often included in the installments. Overall, IT leasing offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for modernizing a company's IT infrastructure and adapting it to rapidly changing technological requirements.