What is a Grade A device?.

At circulee you will find only first-class used laptops, smartphones and other hardware. All devices have been professionally tested and cleaned. Most of them originally come from company leases and are about 2 - 3 years old. They often meet higher standards than devices for the average end consumer (of course, they were used professionally).

Our grading partner performs extensive technical tests on the products - this is how we ensure that each product performs at full capacity and that nothing is defective. Of course, we completely reset the devices so that absolutely no residual data can be found on them. We also do this when you return a device to us. So your data is always in good hands.

The quality and performance testing of our certified partners is very thorough, so we can choose only the best products for circulee - and that's what we call Grade A. Because it is not so easy to understand these gradings, we have compiled our evaluation logic for you here. It is standardized along the entire value chain. So you have full transparency when you buy your hardware from us.